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Meddeas Induction Meetings. Everything a Language and Culture Assistant in Spain Needs to Know!

Language and Culture Assistants at the Induction Meeting in Madrid

Becoming a Language and Culture Assistant in Spain can be exactly what you are looking for. Did you decide to take a gap year program after graduating? Are a fresh graduate aiming to gain some international experience? Coming to teach English to Spain is a great option to enhance your resume and to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world!

Language and Culture Assistant Program

By joining our Language Assistant Program you will get TEFL training and hands-on experience in the classroom. Also, you will be supported from the beginning of the experience until you say goodbye to your students and the teaching team in your school.

As part of this assistance throughout the whole program, right before onboarding to their designated schools, our Language and Culture Assistants join the Meddeas team at the Induction Meetings held in multiple locations within Spain.

Induction Meetings

The purpose of these Induction Meetings is to inform and prepare each Language and Culture Assistant to face this new experience. Language Assistant will be provided with several resources to help them plan their classes. Different activities and workshops are hosted with the main target of making them feel comfortable in their new home abroad. During the Induction Meetings important details are discussed, such as: covering all practical issues related to teaching English in Spain, the placement, legal situation, cultural awareness…etc.

Besides all information related to the program and the TEFL certificate, the Induction Meetings bring the Language and Culture Assistants together. This is also a great opportunity to meet face to face all the rest of the Language and Culture Assistants and to start bonding with them. Lifetime friendships are forged during the program, and they all start at the Induction Meetings! And they get to know who is staying near whom, if they are allocated to the same schools…etc.

Language and Culture Assistants bonding at the Induction Meeting in Madrid
Language Assistants bonding at the Induction Meeting in Madrid

Due to all this, we highly encourage all of our language assistants to attend the Induction Meetings. If you are one of them, make sure you don’t miss it!

If you want to learn more about the Meddeas Language Assistant program, watch this video.

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