Globalize your school with a gateway to the Spanish culture and language, and add an international perspective without leaving the classroom!

Our Language Assistants are fully equipped with at least a degree in Education from the European education system, a native accent from Spain, and fluency in English. Our experience with international recruitment ensures that the school receives the best profiles at an affordable cost.


A Successful Proven Tool for Foreign Language Acquisition in Schools

Our qualified Language Assistants have a supportive role inside the classroom. They collaborate with the main teacher to improve the students’ foreign language skills.

They are qualified to work independently, which means that they are prepared to lead sessions with small groups of students, apply different teaching methodologies, and assist the main teacher with different tasks.

Deliver activities for oral practice alongside the main teacher.

Lead one-on-one conversation sessions or in small groups.

Help language teachers prepare classes, and develop pedagogical materials and lesson plans.

Collaborate with other subjects and organize Spanish Clubs.

Meet for conversation practice with school staff upon request.

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What We Do for Your School

Trust us to bring Language Assistants from Spain to your school. Since 2011 we have helped schools across Spain gain a competitive edge with our Language Assistants program. Our expert team conducts over 3,000 interviews every year to serve over 350 schools in the country. With our expertise in global mobility, over 700 participants from 14 different nationalities are able to participate in an exceptional internship program.

Your school can take advantage of collaborating with Meddeas and succeed in today’s international education scene with assets that bolster foreign language acquisition.

Recruitment expertise

Our demanding selection process adapts to the schools' needs and requirements. We ensure the recruitment of highly qualified professionals, with a profile tailored for the school.

All of the qualified Language Assistants selected by Meddeas hold at least one official European qualification: a Bachelor’s in Pre-school or Elementary Education, or any degree plus a Master’s in Secondary Education. They are also independent English users, with a minimum IELTS band score of 6 or equivalent.

Visa assistance

The school will receive support for visa administrative procedures. We have partnered with a Designated Sponsor Organization to assist in the J1-Visa process so that our Language Assistants are cared for and ready to teach.

Issuing a visa is often a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Meddeas facilitates this process for the school by providing clear steps for all the parties involved, and guiding the Language Assistant until the visa is obtained.

Constant support in the U.S.

The school can rely on us to deliver an orientation session and to guide the Language Assistants in the U.S. Our dedicated Support Team works closely with the participants and schools.

Upon arrival in the U.S., Language Assistants need guidance on how to open a bank account, how to get around or sign a rental contract. Meddeas provides ongoing support and relieve the school of those matters. Participants also have a 24/7 emergency contact if they need immediate assistance. This is possible thanks to our partnership with a Designated Sponsor Organization.


Program Length

The school can integrate a Language Assistant for an academic year or for the Spring semester.

Costs for the School

Contact us to know the details of the program’s fee. In addition, the salary and worker’s compensation are the responsibility of the school. The suggested salary is US$1,600 for 40 hours per week. Schools might decide to offer a lower salary, but provide accommodation as well. Our suggestion in those cases is a minimum of US$1,000.

Application Deadline

Meddeas receives application requests all year-round. If the school wishes to start the program in the Fall, the deadline to submit the application is March 31st.

Picture of a Spanish teacher talking to her students with a blue and red framework

Advantages of Having a Qualified Language Assistant from Spain

A qualified Language Assistant from Spain in your school is a unique opportunity to promote intercultural understanding, and ensure that the students become fluent in the Spanish language.

The students and the staff have the chance to learn first-hand the Spanish language, which is the second most spoken language in the world, by number of native speakers. Spain is the origin of the Spanish language, and our selected Language Assistants are linguistic models.

It is a marvelous opportunity to include a native Spanish speaker with a degree in Education, and who has been trained in the European school system, in your school. Our Language Assistants can implement innovative teaching methods that will certainly add to your academic repertoire.



Open an International Window

Contact us and one of our Education Consultants will be glad to arrange a meeting with you and provide more details about this innovative program.

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